Listed Buildings

Known for their beauty and intricacy, listed buildings require great care and attention to detail. When we work on listed buildings, sensitivity and careful consideration of the standards from English Heritage are essential. Once we’ve come out to see the building and recommended how it’s best to do this, we can begin the project. This could include the replacement of intricate carving work, piecing into existing stonework, repointing and the accurate renewal and restoration of door and tracery window surrounds and reproduction of stone details to original mouldings.

Church Restoration

Like almost everything else, churches age with time. We have many years of experience in restoring and conserving ecclesiastical buildings and so we’re able to offer you plenty of advice on how to work with such sensitive structures. Works on the church could include replacement of carving, piercing into existing stonework, repointing, reproduction of original mouldings and renewal of door and tracery window surrounds. Whenever we work on church estates, we ensure that we meet the guidelines required by English Heritage.

Church Repairs & Alterations

Working with churches requires specialist knowledge and considered decisions as well as much care and attention whilst carrying out the works. These cherished buildings often require a sensitive approach and, having worked on churches for many years, we are able to provide the required care and knowledge. We’re happy to advise on how best to repair any damage or decay to the church’s structure or on how you might be able to alter the building.

Monuments Restoration

Over time, memorials and monuments can become damaged by all sorts of things: weather, pollution, biological growths, foliage or even graffiti. Our highly skilled team can restore them to their original glory. This might be by using specialist methods to clean the memorial or by replacing the intricate carving work so that the memorial can be read once again.

Stone Cleaning

Professional stone cleaning is one of the best ways to rid a building, memorial or monument of thing like oil, grease, the effects of traffic pollution, algae or even chewing gum. Our team are trained in industry recognised cleaning methods including the TORC, DOFF and Poultice method. All these methods are environmentally friendly. We’ll be able to recommend the best method for your stone.

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